Upcoming Shows

HOW DO I BOOK IN ADVANCE? Either pop into The Borough and ask a member of staff, call 01524 64170 or you can book online by clicking here.

This Week!

Sunday 30th November – Pierre Hollins, Will Franken, Pete Otway and Phil Ellis

Sunday 7th December – Vikki Stone, Matt Green, Pete Phillipson and Danny McLoughlin

Sunday 14th December – Tudur Owen, Rob Collins, Chris Washington and Andrew Ryan

Sunday 21st December – Matt Kirshen, Will Mars, Tony Simpson and Andrew Ryan

Sunday 28th December – Nige, Adam Staunton, Nicky Wilkinson and Allyson Smith

Sunday 4th January 2015 – Duncan Oakley, Jeff Leach, John Pendal and Phil Ellis

Please note that all acts are subject to change.